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About Abundant Life

Abundant Life is a place where everyone can belong. We are striving to grow into true disciples of Jesus and give back to the community where we have been planted in order to bring the Abundant Life he promised us to everyone we meet!

What to Expect on Sunday

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Christ-Centered Teaching

There will be Christ-Centered teaching that is practical for every day life. Every message is designed to engage, disciple and challenge those are just interested to those who are long-time believers.

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Spirit-Led Worship

We offer spirit-led worship for all ages! We sing songs that range from contemporary to traditional. We pride ourselves in being multicultural, so you may even enjoy one of our Spanish worship songs!

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What should i wear?

People come in anything from casual jeans and t-shirt to their Sunday best. Come in whatever you feel most comfortable wearing!

Our Core Values


Who do you say that I am?

Over two thousand years ago Jesus asked his disciples “Who do men say that I am?” Today that question still remains. There have been a lot of answers throughout history. Some say he was a prophet. Some say he was a good teacher. But Jesus made it personal when he asked them, “Who do YOU say that I am?”

That question is still important today. God’s love toward us was so great that he became flesh, dwelt among us, and became the sacrifice for our sin. Knowing who Jesus is is the most important aspect of the Christian life. That is why at Abundant Life, we are all about Jesus. 


All scripture is the inspired breath of God. The Bible is our final authority for everything we do at Abundant Life. We believe that the Bible is without error and the final authority in our Christian walk. The Bible is not contrary to logic, intellect or science. Rather, logic and science simply back up what has been written in scripture for thousands of years.


At Abundant Life we believe that our differences in background, culture, and personality are what make us the perfect community. Those difference are exactly what God uses to make us one body that can minister to every person who seeks to become a part of ALT.


We seek to build authentic relationships with each other and with God. Life was not intended to be lived alone. We provide teaching, events and life groups to offer support and relationships as we walk through life together.

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